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The Non-Surgical Treatment For Varicose Veins

There a high number of individuals who seek for the treatment of the varicose veins as they seek to have beautiful skins but there is more to the treatment than the cosmetic aspect. Most people will seek for varicose treatment when they seek to do away with the swollen and knotty veins generally referred to as spider veins as they protrude on one’s skin, but there are deeper health challenges that face individuals who seek for varicose veins treatment. One needs to seek medical attention when they spot the protruding veins on the surface of their skins which is an indication of the degenerating veins but may also cause a lot of pain to individuals with heart problems. When the varicose problem advances there is the likeliness of one displaying other symptoms such as pigmentation and ski problems while in the extreme cases there are individuals who have had ulcers. One positive thing about the varicose veins problem is that the problem is manageable and when one seeks for treatment they are presented with a number of options. The different techniques are used to treat different and specific cases of varicose veins, and we are going to discuss the treatment methods and their suitability to the specific cases.

For individuals who seek treatment during the initial stages of the condition they are usually treated using the conservative approach. The first options when one seeks for treatment is where one is given prescription where one is prescribed to purchase counter medications mostly anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Doctors also prescribe compression stockings as an effective varicose vein treatment method and the accessories can help reverse blood flow pressure thus resolving most of the underlying condition. One can also seek to lose weight and strengthen leg muscles can help one to load off some limbs. Most people prefer the conservative approaches as they are less costly and also entail the use of non-invasive treatment procedures.

There are other non-surgical methods which are applied in treatment of varicose veins where the application of conservative treatments may be unsatisfactory. The services are offered by special doctors specializing in vein treatment called the phlebologists. One of the methods that is used to treat the varicose veins condition involves the use of injections where medicine injected into the veins make them to shrink and start their normal function a process known as Sclerotherapy. One has to attend the sessions of the procedure for two to three sittings in a month which continues to a period of two months.

Endovenous Thermal ablation is another successful non-surgical approach that has been used to eliminate varicose veins where lasers are used during the treatment. For the approach to effectively eliminate the varicose veins they need one to take the treatment at least thrice at intervals of three months.

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