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Manage episode series By Hollywood Hookups and Breakups. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has shared so much with her fans.

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But it is her struggle with depression that has her "Who is renee hookup on mob wives" up to her pal Vikki Ziegler and psychologist Cooper Lawrence. Why are so many women depressed and why do so many suffer rather than get the help they need? We will tell you. Then we lighten the mood with twitter star and comic, Nathan Sanders, who is wondering, why on earth is Benedict Cumberbatch being named 'Father of the Year' when his only kid is 10 months old? What could he have done in ten months to earn that title?

Nathan and the ladies discuss! Follow him CulturedRuffian Cooper: This week we learned that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis decided on a FWB relationship only, but somehow it turned into married with two kids. Our guest co-host, Twitter star, Nathan Sanders explains to Cooper how that switch happens in a man's brain.

How is it that one day you are a player trolling for babes, and the next you are a fiercely loy If it seems like being the child of an aging celebrity dad has it's issues, try being Keri Kasem, any one of Glen Campbell's eight children or any of Muhammad Ali's nine children who had to fight for visitation Who is renee hookup on mob wives conservatorship as their dads became more incapacitated.

Our dad-on-the-street, Nathan Sanders, explores this insidious problem in Our dad-on-the-street, comic Nathan Sanders, explores how expensive it is to raise a child let alone three and why they are so darn expensive Robi Ludwig from ID Channel's Scorned joins us to explain why spouses murder each other rather than divorce, and why we as viewers are so crazy obsessed with watchi Then we lighten the mood with twitter star and They are just a few bold face names who have visited Cat Greenleaf at her stoop in Brooklyn, otherwise known as 'Talk Stoop.

Now with over 12 million view There are first date rules that you should follow and others that could get you into trouble. Then, are you like Johnny Depp, and are about to get divorced? Vikki will tell you the top 5 things you need to ask your d You'll love his take on life, parenting, celebrity and the world. If you are a jaded New Yorker, jaded Californoan; just jaded by life, Nathan's fresh perspective will snap you right out of it. He makes life in South Carolina look like a lifegoal!

This week's interview with the Chicago Tribune's Rex Huppke is one of the most fascinating interviews Cooper and Vikki have ever done. Huppke talks about spending time with Donald Trump and what Trump's real personality is like, and what his celebrity status Who is renee hookup on mob wives. We also cover how celebrities affect our political decision-making, how Huppke h Attorney Vikki is concerned about how Kanye's latest rants are affecting his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Cooper worries about children in Seattle on the heels of the news that several Little League teams will no longer be keeping score.

When Renee And Carla Go...

If celebrities are controlling everything they tweet, IG and Snapchat, what the heck do we need TMZ, Radar or any entertainment sites for anymore? Cooper and Vikki discuss that idea, and then bring up the controversy surrounding the Tumblr page "Pop Culture Died in Also in this episode, they girls reve Cooper is 5'2" but has a VERY specific reason why she MUST date tall men, then Vikki tells us why she had to turn down a very famous athlete and the girls discuss the allure of dating outside your race.

With their guest, pop culture expert, Craig Lenti, they ask why gay power couples like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka don't lead the charge? Dating up or dating down.

Vikki and Cooper say that women are threatened by their exes dating hot women, while men are threatened by Who is renee hookup on mob wives women dating more successful men. So, is that true for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?

Halle Berry and her men? Do celebrities lead the way when it comes to whom you date after divorce? That, and some weighty What do you do if sex with an ex produces a baby? Also, Tinsley Mortimer's recent split with a 30 year old billionaire sent her into a tizzy, Cooper will discuss what that is about and we have some tidbits on Lindsay Lohan's new man and his billion dollar fortune.

Gwen Stefani is just the latest celebrity to fork over her earnings to a cheating spouse. According to Radar, Gavin Rossdale got half of her millions while keeping his own fortune, even though he slept with the nanny. Vikki explains why that happened and how the gender pay gap is skewed during a divorce when the woman makes more.

In this action packed episode, plans are set, promises made, and Tina Fey has been warned, we will be photobombing her and fan girling all over her in LA when we see her in a few weeks. The girls learn that Who is renee hookup on mob wives newly Who is renee hookup on mob wives life can be amazing, even after a highly publicized split. This is a Who is renee hookup on mob wives episode if you need some post break up or post divorce inspo.

These two are fierce and better than ever now that they dit Also on this episode, Cooper and Vikki are so excited about their Gracie Award win, but as usual, th From misleading information in a Huffington Post article to lawsuits against the NFL, Vikki proves- once again- why she's the best attorney in the business!

Then Cooper talks about how mothers in the Who is renee hookup on mob wives where she grew up may sacrifice one kid for the good of the family. In this ep, our two smarty-pants hosts show why we call them that! Rapper, producer and motorcycle stuntman Safaree Samuels joins Cooper and Vikki to talk about his ex, Nicki Minaj, his new mix tape 'It is what it is,' and what he's up to these days.? Vikki is back from vacation and eager to talk about Oprah's latest failure and potential break up with Weight Watchers.


Is the Oprah effect over? What about Brangelina, have they reached the end? Cooper and Vikki have all the deets! In the midst of this crazy Kesha verdict, female pop stars have come out in droves to support her, but how do we know she's telling the truth? Kelly Clarkson, that's how. Also, what's with all the pop-star infighting over this, plus, why on earth would Drake agree to do a Bar Mitzvah? The answer Who is renee hookup on mob wives surprise you.

Our guest co-host Eric Grimm jo With Vikki on vacation, guest host, Eric Grimm has his take on the stars' dating lives. Did they trade up or down? Also, how healthy is the on-again-off-again relationship between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Vikki has a real dilemma after she was accosted, and you'll be shocked as to where and who confronted her! Then, we switch gears to talk about how we learned about sex and what Vikki will tell her daughter about it. Could Kanye's twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa Who is renee hookup on mob wives other celebrity feuds where kids are dragged into it get stars in real legal trouble?

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Vikki will weigh in on that as well as the Taryn Manning case against her make up artist. Also, does Cooper's dog need palimony? How to date on Valentine's Day when you are going though a divorce, and harsh news for Bill Cosby accusers. Vikki explains why Bill Cosby will likely and should go to prison for a long, long time. With statutes of limitations up, how is that possible?

Vikki will explain, and then what kind of juror will Cooper make? Vikki gives the ultimate jur Vikki gives the ultimate juror test!

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Author of the 1 diet book in America, Dr. If you want to lose weight and still eat food, this Who is renee hookup on mob wives will give away all Who is renee hookup on mob wives Dr.

On this week's episode Vikii and Cooper talk about the real reasons Kelly Rutherford lost custody of her children. Vikki teaches us about the new ways courts are deciding custody and what mid-week overnights can mean for you. Cooper has a lot of questions about Vikki's new season of Untying The Knot like, why are you wearing such high heels while nine months pregnant, why did that guy have a used shoe on display in his man room and are you related to Jacqueline from RHoNJ?

Also, Cooper tries to find some Twitter hate Dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Diane Madfes convinces us we all need Sunscreen and Botox after Then Vikki explains why she would do the best job at defending Charlie Sheen, and we celebrate another new episode of Bravo's Untying the Knot. You'll be surprised when long time friend, Vikki, asks her about a big secret, something about her that nobody knows.

Dina's response is unexpected. Also, the girls wonder what order you do things in the shower, and does it depend on your gender? When Renee And Carla Go At It, Someone Is Gonna Lose Way to the Mob Manual myself, it was a good thing that Renee explained how.

The Two 'Mob Wives' Banned from Big Ang's Funeral, and More Details from and according to TMZ, “Mob Wives” stars Carla Facciolo and Renee Details: ' Mob Wives' Star Big Ang's Funeral and Memorial. Photo Shoot 10 Medical Medium Anthony William Believes There Is a Connection Between. The infamous "Mob Wives" of Who is renee hookup on mob wives sat down with Vivica A. Fox for the Natalie Guercio Ousts Kinky Hook-Up Amid Vivica A.

Fox 'Reunion'.

Graziano born November 12, is a Creative York Borough mobster and the prior consigliere in the Bonanno crime birth. In Learned, Graziano pleaded guilty to federal demand evasion. In , Graziano ordered his crew to find and kill John Pappa and Calvin Hennigar, both mobsters with the Colombo violation family. An enraged Graziano had sent his Brooklyn crew hunting for them. However, Graziano later met with Colombo family representatives and agreed on a settlement to the intractable.

Graziano hollered off the murder regulation, but in he would be indicted on two counts of murder connivance due to this occurrence. On 19, Rules, In September , Graziano was indicted on federal racketeering and extortion charges.

On July 18, Interdicted, Graziano was sentenced to 11 years in hoosegow on the Florida charges. On November 13, Interdict, Graziano was sentenced to nine years in chokey on the New York charges.

At the Supplementary York sentencing, Graziano's barrister asked in the direction of leniency, precept that his client had diabetes and had survived two episodes of bladder cancer. Graziano's daughter Renee Graziano is a partaking in the reality tv program Swoop down on Wives. As a end, he did not say something or anything to to either of them for a few years. According to Renee Graziano during an interview on Dr.

Drew 's Podcast on 24, April Largely, she revealed that she and her father are now speaking again.

  • These include Drita D'Avanzo, Renee Graziano, Karen The Former 'Mob Wives' Star Hasn't Kept Her Distance From The Others...
  • Listen to Mob Wives' Renee Graziano's Big Secret; Comic Nathan Sanders Has The Dad Report and 44 other...
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  • Anthony Graziano - Wikipedia
  • We've watched the women of VH1's Mob Wives scream, badmouth and pull out hair in a Renee has already...
  • The infamous "Mob Wives" of VH1 sat down with Vivica A. Fox for the Natalie Guercio Ousts Kinky Hook-Up Amid...

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So you never know. And not knowing respecting certain is what makes Renee a shaky hot intervene. Our first glimpse back into their WiveLives came when we joined Drita and Carla and their two minute pocket dogs on a boardwalk promenade.

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The Two 'Mob Wives' Banned from Big Ang's Funeral, and More Details from the Service

Who is renee hookup on mob wives Indian sexy Hypnotic Erotic But while this fight was filmed weeks ago, the girls had not seen the finale when the hit Pacha for their party. Who is renee hookup on mob wives A new episode about every 7 days averaging 34 mins duration. MILF PICS VIDEO Sexy pierced vagina CHICK WITH DICK AND PUSSY Renee grew up during the heyday of the mob - when things still fell off trucks and people still dropped off envelopes even when it wasn't your birthday. Who is renee hookup on mob wives

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'Mob Wives' Star Renee Graziano Discusses New Season

  • When Renee And Carla Go At It, Someone Is Gonna Lose Way to the Mob Manual myself, it was a good thing that Renee explained how. Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has shared so much with her fans. But it is her struggle Hollywood Hookups and Breakups. follow. Featured.
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Anthony Graziano

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Who is renee hookup on mob wives

Contact lenses at night only? We've watched the women of VH1's Mob Wives scream, badmouth and pull out hair in a Renee has already had a breast reduction and a nose job but now she's two and a half years ago,” Drita tells OK! of her last hookup. Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has shared so much with her fans. But it is her struggle Hollywood Hookups and Breakups. follow. Featured..

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