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Why do married couples want threesomes


You know what sucks? When your friend starts crying in the middle of the threesome because she feels like her boyfriend likes you more now.

That whole "third wheel" thing...

This has happened to me twice, by the way, with different couples. Even if everyone seems secure, who knows what will happen in the heat of the moment. Plus, sometimes it just sucks being the third wheel to an established couple. I say fuck that, too many potential complications. I think the most fun I ever had was a FFF. Something about everyone all having the same parts really Why do married couples want threesomes to balance out the areas where one might imagine a lot of jealousy forming otherwise.

My old girlfriend suggested we have a friend in as a third. We had a couple good romps.

If you are not married...

After the first one, the girlfriend was raving about how hot it was to watch me fuck the other girl. Though there was always attraction and sexual tension already present. Once, one of my good friends girl and I were sitting at the bar one night and talking about our past sexcapades when we decided we wanted to have sex with one of our dude friends.

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That whole "third wheel" thing...

Dedicated to your stories and ideas. A website by Thought. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! But I also take charge of getting what I want throughout my sexual life. But really, for all the hype, "open marriage" is just one of many ways to negotiate love and sex and.

We're really just the average couple next door. Why do married couples want threesomes People Share What It's Really Like To Have A Threesome.

I had been a part of a few threesomes before, but never with a married couple. If you are not married and trying to have a Why do married couples want threesomes is a different scenario. But, Once you are married, you both like to bond each other, both physically and.

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