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Porno movies degrading women


Pornography fosters the idea that the degradation of women is acceptable. Since males use pornography much more frequently than females, 1 exposure to sexual and even semi-sexual material from the Internet, magazines, and television is associated with stronger notions that women are sex objects or sexual commodities. A study of widely distributed x-rated films by Gloria Cowan and colleagues, professors of psychology at California State University, San Bernardino, determined the range and extent of domination and sexual inequality depicted of women in a random selection of movies in family video rental stores in California.

Physical aggression was present in 73 percent of the films, and rape scenes were present in 51 percent, with the woman as the victim every time. The films depicted gender-role inequalities as well, typically portraying the men as professionals and the women as school girls, secretaries, or housewives. After prolonged exposure to pornography, men especially, but also some womentrivialize rape as a lesser offense.

Similar results emerge in assessments of college men. Sarah Murnen of Kenyon College, Ohio found that fraternity members, who displayed many more pornographic pictures of women in their rooms than those from the non-fraternity group, had more positive attitudes toward rape. Jeannette Norris of the University of Washington conducted a study in which a group of students read two versions of the same story depicting a woman being raped. The story, however, had two different endings: Women tend to view pornography as more degrading of women than men do.

When a sample of students was asked about their feelings toward pornography, 72 percent of the young women but only 23 percent of the young men stated their feelings were negative.

Moreover, when asked if pornography is degrading, almost 90 percent of young women but only 65 Porno movies degrading women of young men agreed that pornography is degrading.

Whether they think pornography is Porno movies degrading women or not, women who view pornography Porno movies degrading women unwittingly engage in a form of self-degradation: Table of Contents 1.

Women as Sex Objects 2. Violence against Women 3.

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Acceptance of Rape 4. Porno movies degrading women and Sarah K. Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, If—if—in the act of watching a porn film a man reduces the actress to a body, to an Demeaning to women—that women are imagined as truly sexual beings?.

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1. Women as Sex Objects

Pornography fosters the idea that the degradation of women is acceptable. Pornographic films also degrade women through “rape myth acceptance” scenes.

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