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Spanking stories spank the principle


This is a fictional work that does not in any way reflect my views on punishment in schools or any of my personal experiences. As a matter of fact, these things and this story could not be more different.

It Spanking stories spank the principle purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Any use of names is purely coincidental. I fidget in place Spanking stories spank the principle I look up at the man in front of us. There's been a lot of rumours of going into his office around the school, but I never thought I'd ever end up in it. But here I am, a cool afternoon in the middle of May, standing with four others in the principal's office.

Just by looking at the others' faces, we all feel very differently about our positions. Zach seems indifferent; he's got his arms crossed, but he's biting his lower lip as he stares at the desk in front of all of us. Spanking stories spank the principle

This is a story which...

Karen seems more annoyed than anything, not Spanking stories spank the principle any Spanking stories spank the principle our gazes as she stares toward the door.

Carrie seems absolutely terrified, her hands clasped in front of her, her face lined with anxiety. Garret has his hands shoved in his Spanking stories spank the principle and he's staring at the ceiling, as if he's bored with the situation.

I drift my gaze down to the ground after looking around at everyone else; I feel jumpy and jittery myself. Who'd like to go first? There's a long amount of silence after he speaks.

I bring my gaze up slowly, glancing at the bronze "Spanking stories spank the principle" on his desk that reads Mr. He's a stocky man with the beginnings of a beard on his face, which is tan and evenly tending to like his hair.

A lot of girls find him to be very attractive, and I'll admit he's not bad looking, but it's hard to think of his as 'eye candy' when I'm in his office.

As clique as it sounds, I'm honestly not a girl who gets into trouble. I prefer to either read or draw, as I like being alone, and when I do get in trouble I really drive into myself about it. It's not like the paint won't wash off, and we skipped class too? Somebody call the FBI. Carrie slowly raises up her hand, physically trembling now.

I-I think we're a-all He nods slowly but sighs. Garret, you're such an intelligent boy, but I'm convinced you merely seek trouble. Zachary, I'm honestly shocked that my nephew would do something so irresponsible. Karen, you have so much going for you to behave this way, and Carrie, this is not acceptable for the future valedictorian of your class. Jacqueline, I've never had to interact with you much because of your excellent behavior and grades.

I'm not sure how you're standing here either. After his antagonizing us a bit, we're all more downcast, even Garret. There really is just something about him that demands respect without him being massive or violent. Personally, I think there really is something to be said for a man that has that in him. As a punishment, I have got a few options. The first is suspension for three days, on counts of vandalizing school and personal property for the boys, and truancy for the girls.

We all take a somewhat collective breath. Carrie is Spanking stories spank the principle of all color in her face and I know I look the same, and the other three are fidgeting, though I'm sure Garret's been suspended once. I'm not sure on specifics for the service, but it would certainly include enough for you to do maintenance to the school.

That option still sounds like it would bite, but it's certainly a lot more appealing the first. Carrie peeks up a bit at that but quickly lowers her gaze back down when he sighs heavily. A paddling from him? I've been paddled a couple of times from my own father, but it was so long ago I hardly remember anything other than being swept over his knees, then being allowed to rub and cry into his neck afterward. To make matters worse, schools are now granted to administer corporal punishment over the underwear as long Spanking stories spank the principle certain guidelines are followed, and that's almost guaranteed because of the rules we broke.

Stephans voice is stern, but not with an edge. He sounds more grim than anything else. Now, I feel as though since you all acted a group, then you should punished with whatever option the same way. I Spanking stories spank the principle you five to go into the conference and make a decision.

Take all the time you need, I will wait. Slowly, we all shuffle into said conference room, which is right next door to his office. Garret and Karen are scowling even before I carefully shut the door behind us. You'll probably get your ass beat either way. Carrie suddenly lets out a small sob from Spanking stories spank the principle her hand, making all of us jump a little bit.

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Karen reaches out, probably going to touch her shoulder comfortingly, but Spanking stories spank the principle just shrinks away in tears. She sniffles for a few moments before slowly lowering her hands, looking to each of us. Everything about her practically radiates fear, especially as she squeaks, "I'd rather have the paddling and the janitor work. An awkward silence follows her words, the only sound her sniffling and small hiccups. After a while Karen sighs and nods, wrapping her around Carrie, who looks even smaller compared to her full Spanking stories spank the principle and outgoing dressing.

She chooses to ignore him. I think we've all had our asses beat by our parents at least once, right? And it's not like he can do anything that bad, or he'll get sued and fired. Can't do it bare, right?

My parents both believed in...

For two girls who are polar opposites and are in two different classes with Carrie as a junior and Karen a senior about to graduate, "Spanking stories spank the principle" see a friendship potentially coming out of this.

It's not that bad. She's got a reputation for being a bitch, but said reputation is obviously not entirely accurate.

She takes her punishment from...

He opens up the door again and we all trudge back out, going into Mr. He looks up from his paperwork and, after Zach tells him what we-more or less they- moves it to a student desk nearby along with a few other supplies to clear a decent sized spot on his desk.

Once he leaves, I see Carrie's crying again.

I have shared this story...

I slowly touch her shoulder myself, making her look up at him in alarm but offer me a tiny smile. I know we'll all be alright and that it won't be that bad, but it's still unnerving. After a minute or so, Mr. Stephans returns with said vice principal, Mrs. She offers us all a sympathetic smile along with a firm expression, one that makes Carrie and I squirm slightly. Once she seats herself Mr.

Stephans pulls the dreaded paddle out of his bottom desk drawer. It's a fairly decent size, about fifteen inches with six of said inches being the handle. It's about half an inch think, it seems, and five inches wide.

Zach sighs heavily and unfastens his belt and jeans, leaning over the cleared space on the desk. He's blushing a bit as he does so, but he doesn't completely mortified.

He pulls his jeans down just below his bottom, revealing his white briefs but nothing more to the Spanking stories spank the principle of us. Stephans rests the paddle against his nephew's bottom briefly. Stephans sets down the paddle at this point and helps him stand up, embracing him. Zach naturally squirms in the hug, Spanking stories spank the principle after a moment buries his face in his uncle's neck and lets out a small cry.

On my left, Garret's Spanking stories spank the principle is tight, his eyes reflecting some note of fear but his expression as cocky as ever. On my right, Carrie's got her face in Karen's shoulder, crying fully but mutely.

My own eyes are wet, but I'm not sure if that's from my own fear for my bottom or sympathy for Zach's. Our principal eventually sends Zach to the conference to sit and wait, and I have to cringe; the chairs in there are heavy and wooden, and that is definitely going to hurt his butt. He turns back to us remaining four solemnly, picking up the paddle again.

I consider going ahead and stepping forward myself, but Karen gently peel Carrie off of her and steps forward, her face tight but relatively emotionless. Carrie takes this opportunity to bury her face in my shoulder, "Spanking stories spank the principle" I allow with my own hand lightly stroking her hair. Peter exchange a brief Look. She slowly nods and bends herself over, not lifting up her short skirt. With it's length, I doubt it will really make a difference whether it's up or not. "Spanking stories spank the principle" does a single nod and aims his implement to her, Spanking stories spank the principle her the same treatment he did Zach.

Bonnie Anderson was the very...

I notice how she hardly moves and doesn't cry, and even when she's allowed to stand and get a hug from him, Spanking stories spank the principle eyes aren't wet. Isn't my first paddling. She exits somewhat swiftly after this. I notice her cringe as she turns toward the conference room and do it with her; I'm not looking for it any more than she is.

When I turn back around, still cuddling Carrie a bit, Garret is bent over the desk himself, pants down. I blush as I realize he's got a very bubbly bottom, and it's extremely white compared to his red and white boxers. Tags: principal, student, older man, younger girl, punishment. stories/spanking/punished-by-the. She takes her punishment from the principal. Free Original Erotic Stories.

tag. Again and again he Spanking stories spank the principle her, alternating cheeks or landing the smacks. Her parents lived by the rule, “Spanked at school, spanked at home.” From stories that she had heard, she knew that the Principal's heavy.

Anne was running up to the minute. She rushed skint derelict the empty hallway to her head class, chemistry with Mr. Stopping at the door, she took a abyssal breath and hoped to slip to her lab listing without him noticing. Instead she walked into a unagitated classroom. All the test taking students looked up at her.

Damn, how could she be experiencing forgotten it was test day too? Dejected, Anne turned on her scoundrel and left the classroom.

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At what point does dislike become hate? Tags: principal, student, older man, younger girl, punishment, .. stories/spanking/punished-by-the-. A Parker County woman is furious over the in-school paddling of her year-old daughter. Anna Jorgenson approved the punishment, but..

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