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Best friend gave me a blowjob


I'm pretty Best friend gave me a blowjob he enjoyed it as much as you did, if not more. I'm sure the BJ was good enough.

If you don't want move forward too quick now you might need to tell him that. The bases of your friendship were recently shaken and he might not know where him, you, or either one stands. Thankyou for your comment. I think this will definantly make or break the friendship and he has been texting me all day today talking about it. We both want to start a relationship together but agreed not to rush into things.

Things haven't gone awkward between us or anything and everything has just carried on as normal really. Best friend gave me a blowjob me tell you my bj story.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I met this man online on my favourite hookup site https: Then he said that today is his birthday. He was excited to let him be my sex partner so he invited me over. He met Best friend gave me a blowjob in a pubic place and I followed him to his house. I was so nervous. We got to his place and went straight to his room.

He laid on the bed and I started rubbing him through his pants. He started getting hard and I opened his jeans. I was able to suck it without gagging.

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He said let me cum in your mouth. Cheers to the both of you. I would have felt great. He probably enjoyed it more than you did. You should have had full sex with him. Sounds like a great birthday gift. I would feel amazed!

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Surly satisfied and maybe hopeful for more of a relationship. That's just me though. Why doesn't this happen to me But seriously, if any guy friend says they wouldn't like their best female friend to suck them off, they're lying. That was the best b-day gift ever. Are you with him now? I'm sure u guys had fun Birthday BJ for my best guy friend! So my best guy friend and I are always flirting and making out with each other.

Yesterday was his birthday, I text him wishing him Best friend gave me a blowjob happy birthday and told him to come round to mine for his card and a birthday kiss when he as got time. I put my underwear on and then I lay back on my bed and put the covers over me because I was cold but I ended up falling back to sleep because I was so comfy. Again, I wished him happy "Best friend gave me a blowjob" and gave him a kiss, it was a very passionate kiss and it turned me on.

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I was still in my underwear and sat on top of him and saddled him, I pressed myself against him as we were kissing, and then I took his top off and pushed him down onto the bed. I was kissing his body and then undone his belt buckle and zipper. I'm not going to go in to too much detail but I told him to sit back, Best friend gave me a blowjob and enjoy the show and then I gave him a 20 minute BJ. When he came, I swallowed and he said "that was the most amazing BJ I've ever had" I said "well all birthday boys deserve a special treat" and then I left the room to brush my teeth When I came back into the room it was smiles all round and I just threw on a dress "Best friend gave me a blowjob" some sandles and we went to a bar and met up with friends to celebrate his birthday.

I was just wondering, from a guys point of view, what would he have thought about that? Would he of enjoyed it as much as I did? Should I of had full sex with him or was the BJ enough? How much hair "down there" do you prefer on your Significant Other? Why do guys wake up hard Best friend gave me a blowjob He gave me an STI, we have been together for 3 years now, does this mean he is cheating on me? If he has watery cum, does this mean his orgasm wasn't very good?

What Guys Said 8. What Girls Said 1. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Wow ok! umm i'm going to have to say that by your (very!) detailed description, yeah. this girls likes you. For one, Best friend gave me a blowjob mentioned sexual tension. My friend gave me a a nice blow job free.

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highschool latina wanted to give a blowjob to learn better - 1 min 3. A few nights ago my friend who is a girl was completley drunk I have known her for about 5 Best friend gave me a blowjob and all of a sudden on that night she kneeled down in the.