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DJ Irie party held at Parkwest night club in Miami: I see Vanessa switched it to the wet and wild look for her hair and rocked that Elizabeth Lisa raye big ass James fringy jacket Rihanna rocked a while back. And I'm tempted to tell Angela to slow down on all that dieting.

But look who was all up in her ear at the party: Nobody but Bow f'in Wow. And didn't you already try to tap that? On a side note, chick is partying extra hard these days and it's definitely showing. Go get a nap and some coffee Angie.

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More pics from the party and pics of LisaRaye Misick arriving to Turks and Caicos last week when you read the rest A wole lot of "Ew" going on here.

Janelle Casanavas from Real World: Key West was there. No Will her boyfriend who was on Real World: Hollywood was around though. Why does Bow's tatt look like a clown version of Omarion?

And here's some pics of LisaRaye when she arrived into Turks and Caicos last week pre-bite fest: Of course she had to be labeled out in Dolce and Gabbana. I have a feeling Lisa raye big ass dramafest is nowhere near over either. View the Lisa raye big ass thread.

Login to post comments. Bow Wow is suffering from delusions of grandeur and little man's syndrome. Lisa needs to go into hiding and get herself together.

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She needs to quit acting like she's Dominique Devereaux from Dynasty playing this personal drama out in front of cameras. They have everything given to them! A versace purse 2. Please explain to me where all of these symbols match, at lease she Lisa raye big ass white! I don't like when people do the gucci belt, gucci shoes, gucci bag, and so on It looks so not creative!!!

Unless you're wearing some of that awful urban wear that have huge logos on everything, I think you should mix and match. I stick to nice little pieces that i can wear with everything.

I do wear designer labels, but you will never see a symbol on me! And I like Kimora sorry Fashion And how come we never see Kimora rockin' Lisa raye big ass phat unless she is doing magazine ads? Everything is either bedazzled, glittery, leopard printed, dyed faux fur collared Who is seriously wearing this ish!?

Jamelle from Real World! Realy how come a failed actress get so much shine from being an abused wife and a murder victim ready to happen? Her staying on that island will be the death of her and i hope i'm wrong! While we all will know whats really up with the possible tragedy, there won't be nothing done!

Women please know when u about to be an obvious victim! It's a matter of time b4 this becomes a movie or a book. People are sick of hearing hoe stories.

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Superhead wrapped it up for them type of book sales! Oparh would laugh in her FACE!!!

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Why the hell do she has on all them labels? As others already stated, Rihanna has done the feathered skirt and vest that everyone is popping up in now. Time to put that look away. Ok um am I the only one that thinks hysterectomy just looking at that tongue. Like he could scoop them eggs Lisa raye big ass like they was caviar. Angela's weave looks really bad and Angela looks really bad! That chick is just off center. Run needs to lock her down before she goes Britney on us!!!

Angela's dress looks like it's gonna fall off pic with Bow Wow. But otherwise, loves the Simmons girls! And do you not know someone had the nerve to tell me that Levis aren't made for black women.

I said well this black woman rocks them and will forever and continue until they don't make them no more. But considering the fact they been around since forever I don't think they going out of business anytime soon.

I will be a red tabbin fool Lisa raye big ass I can't wear jeans anymore.

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I bhought some skinny jean levis last year! I got a pair of habituals from files basment while i was in boston for ! I have cheap and expensive jeans in my closet! I stop at with jeans honey!

I have a collection and they fit perfect to your hips.

I love Love Joe's, they have the right amount of stretch and they shape for black chicks. I live in Tar-jay. Angela and TK broke up.

He definitely removed his pics of her and took her of the Top friend liston on myspace. She did the same. Also Janelle from Real World and Will definitely broke up a long time ago. They both made that clear on the reunion show.

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It's not a hole yet but it's coming. I'm going to have to be extra ghetto and put a patch on them!!!!!!

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