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Mean people suck music

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FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Whether on the playground or in the boardroom, in the neighborhood or even at church, bullying is the most common form of violence in the United States.

If you identify with having one of these soul-sucking, spirit-shattering, and self-esteem destroying haters in your life, stay strong and tell your story. Haters prefer that you suffer in Mean people suck music. And if you witness it happening, do the right thing and speak up. They represent all perspectives: And if you're looking for practical advice on how to stand up to difficult people such Mean people suck music bullies, haters, and other mean, jealous people, I recommended the book below as a good, practical resource for helping to deal with life's unpleasant people.

There's a reason this book is a global bestseller. This updated version carries all the examples on types of difficult people you'll encounter.

It provides solutions and advice in a humorous manner reallyand it's exactly what you need to stop suffering and start flourishing.

It's the go-to book that I personally recommend to all my friends!

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Leave it to Taylor Swift to turn a performance debacle into a personal and professional win. When she performed poorly at the Grammys singing with legendary superstar Stevie Nicks, Taylor was lambasted with negative reviews.

Some people even predicted it would be the end of her music career.

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But Taylor wouldn't be shamed. She shot back with this anti-bullying anthem about an especially nasty critic. Describing him as "mean and a liar and pathetic and alone in life," the singer called him out on his "wildfire lies" and his words which were "like Mean people suck music and swords and weapons.

Do you remember that guy in high school who desperately tried to get your attention? Of course not, but he remembers you. And he still harbors a year grudge, the same kind that Toby Keith is singing about in this song about a boy who was overlooked in high school by the perfect girl, the pretty valedictorian.

She mocked the poor fella for his dreams of music stardom, and he just couldn't forget it. Now he's famous, and she's trapped in an unhappy marriage.

So who's the bully these days?

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Hey, Toby, at least in high school she could Mean people suck music it on being young and immature. Tim McGraw tugs at the heartstrings in this song about a regretful bully. The song's narrator recalls the red-headed, freckled-faced boy on the playground that he pushed, shoved and picked on. He also remembers the jilted teenage girl whom he ahem didn't treat respectfully.

As an adult, he realizes that underneath it all is his own self-loathing and that one of these days he'll learn to love and accept himself.

With lyrics that could be straight out of high school, Hilary Duff shames the haters in this in-your-face song.

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She accuses her haters of. Although some people assumed that the song was about Lindsay Lohan whom she was feuding with at the timethe singer denied it. Alternative rock band Shinedown offers this powerful anti-bullying song that recounts how it Mean people suck music to be picked on unfairly:. We all know that life ain't fair But there's more of us we're everywhere. The song then imagines righting the bully's wrong through vigilante justice. Shinedown says its lyrics do not condone violence but rather convey a symbolic message about standing up for oneself when you're being picked on.

When you're recovering from heartbreak, seeing couples in love publicly displaying affection can turn you into a grump and a hater. Sadly single, Jennette McCurdy hates to be reminded of that fact in this country song.

They make her want to scream. Betrayal has unleashed the fighter in Christina Aguilera. This song Mean people suck music what it is like have someone you trust backstab you and then play the victim. Instead of crying, however, she's thankful for the experience because it's made her stronger, more resilientand a fighter. Haters shame people, but the only reason Shirley and Company is dishing out shame in this fun disco classic is if you can't dance. The narrator is looking for a dance partner, and her mate is less-than-willing.

So she threatens to go find her someone else who can dance the Mean people suck music away. Do you think she shamed him into partying with her? The heartless ex-girlfriend in Luke Bryan's song is nothing but a downer, and he tells her so. She's one of those mean peopleand she makes him feel like.

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Sometimes it's difficult to let go of a relationship that has ended when all you're left with is emotional baggage. In this song by Mariah Carey, the protagonist can't wait to hate her lover.

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She's changed her number and has contemplated moving away. The emotional bully in her wants to break him down just to see him suffer. Rachel Crow connects with every school girl who's been belittled, picked on, or marginalized by the "in" crowd in this song.

Labeled as an outcast for some real or imaginary fault, the girl in the song must suffer through eating lunch alone and name-calling. But then she resolves that bullying is not okay: There weren't enough caring souls to save the suffering schoolboy in this song by Canadian punk rock group Billy Talent Other kids made him feel miserable.

Teachers dismissed his Mean people suck music as a phase, and his parents were completely in the dark.

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When he died at 17, no one knew his name. Then at 17 years old, he was gone, leaving behind a notebook that described his experience.

Haters & Bullies: People Who...

If you or someone you know is suffering, get help. Don't let them become a sad statistic. Imagine proudly embracing your status as a social reject.

In this positive song with a message, Kerrie Roberts refuses to be shamed for being different:. I'm not good enough, I'm not what they want But let me tell you what: I know who I am So just throw me out for not fitting in I will stand my ground and be an outcast In the song, she urges her haters to go ahead and hate on her because her mind is free and she's fearless.

Rihanna recommends that you exclude two-faced people from your Mean people suck music circle before they wreak further havoc on your trust with their lies and jealousy. She was reportedly a target of school bullies while growing up in Barbados.

They targeted her for her light skin complexion. When this powerful Mean people suck music McBride was released init stirred some controversy for its strong and tragic symbolism.

The song tells the story of domestic abuse from the perspective of a child, concentrating on one woman who chose to deal with her abuser violently in order to save herself and her daughter.

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Told from a bystander's perspective, this rock song by the Barenaked Ladies is an example of how people are moved to action after a peer is bullied on the playground in front of them. Even though they didn't do the right thing at first, they commit to not allowing the situation to recur:.

Pearl Jam tells the dark story about inflicting cruelty upon a fellow classmate, Jeremy, who was quiet and different. Unaware that he was deeply troubled, the kids tormented him, and Jeremy Mean people suck music back in a way that would scar them all forever. Kelly Rowland knows that haters never take a vacation.

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But she's not worried because she uses their negative energy to fuel her desire to climb even higher. She just shakes them haters off. In this song, it looks like the former girlfriend is the jealous one. She disses the new girlfriend's attire and engages in nasty name-calling, intent on breaking up the new lovebirds.

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All that negative energy is making you ugly. Beware of the possessive boyfriend who Mean people suck music to control your behavior. It may start with telling you what to wear, what to post online, or who to hang out with. The attention he's giving you may be flattering at first, but it'll get old real soon.

He's a bully underneath. Nick Jonas covers the not-so-lighthearted topic in a lighthearted way.

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Taylor Swift turns the tables on all her haters who criticize her love life, her dancing, and everything else about her. She sends a fun message to the liars, cheats, and fakers: Contemporary Christian singer Michael W.

Smith describes the desperation of a child abused at the hands of his father and bullied by schoolmates. Others who could help him pretend they don't notice his pain, and he wishes to escape by simply leaving. Punk rock group NOFX released this song which simply repeats the lyrics "mean people suck. How far would you go to protect the people you love? Kenny Rogers tells the story of the county coward named Tommy, whose father died in prison and on his deathbed encouraged the boy to walk away from trouble when possible.

Tommy was known Mean people suck music the coward of the county until a group of three bullies assaulted his wife, Becky.

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Then, the coward could Mean people suck music longer turn the other cheek. He unleashed everything he had in her defense. Faithless describes a year-old boy who was accosted by a group of thugs for his treasured baseball cap.

The boy stews over the incident and is ready to retaliate. Read about Mean People Suck by The Growlers and see the artwork, lyrics and similar Track My Music · Community Support · Community Guidelines · Help. Lyrics to Mean People Suck by NOFX from the S&M Airlines album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!. Mean people can ruin your day, your week, or worse -- but only if you let them.