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Asian make up looks


If the winged black liner "Asian make up looks" is getting old for you, update it Asian make up looks sweeping a cream eyeshadow in pink across your eyelids. Pink eyeshadow also brightens your complexion — just keep the brows defined and the rest of the face nude. Then pump up the intensity of your blusher and match it with a rosy pink lipstick. Keep the eyes simple with a little black liner smudged at the outer corners of eyes.

A bold eyeliner adds an arty touch and perks up your eyes.

Although lots of Asians also...

Start by lining them in black for definition, then layer a rich shade like orange on top. Nudes Asian make up looks browns create understated sex appeal. Add a wash of beige and taupe a brownish-grey over your eyelids, and brush a peach-toned blusher over the cheeks. You can go with nude- pink lips in the day, and intensify them with a sheer chocolate hue for evening. Yellow eyeshadow is bright and may seem shocking on its own — but not if you add a splash of green at the outer corners of eyes and along the lower lashes.

"Asian make up looks" yellow looks fresh and unexpected, while the green opens up your eyes. Choose a cherry lipstick to brighten your complexion and balance the yellow undertones from your skin and the eyeshadow.

Intensify your look with any...

Metallic dark greys with flecks of silver shimmer look rich and luxurious. The trick to not overdoing it: Pick up colour little by little until you build up to the intensity you want.

Blend well so it disappears into your eyelids. Add a swipe of lilac or Asian make up looks pink on the lips for a modern look. Intensely pigmented brows make you look fresh and sophisticated with minimal effort and fuss.

To complete your look, pair light brown eyeshadow on your lids with thinly lined eyes in black, and a nude- pink lippie. How to conceal pimples in 3 easy steps. Liven up your look with this refreshing maroon and Asian make up looks combination. Start by sweeping the maroon from the inner corners to the middle of eyelids, then blend in a medium-brown from mid-lids to Asian make up looks outer corners.

Rim eyes in black eyeliner and add mascara on lashes. A vibrant red-coral lipstick is all it takes for a look that is modern, classy and stylish. Make it perfect and precise for work while keeping the rest of your face simple — think radiant-looking skin with the help of illuminating primer, and eyes lined thinly in black, or with just black mascara on lashes.

Get these 12 specific makeup...

Instead of the usual brown to contour, a soft orange eyeshadow has the extra benefit of perking up your eyes. Easy festive makeup looks. How to treat dry, itchy lips. How to pick the best foundation for your skin type.

Skip to main content. Here's how to glow up with Shiseido Vote velvet for your work wardrobe. Where they are now? You don't have to be a dad to rock Everything you need to know Do you love Rock 'n' Roll? Is retinol safe for sensitive skin? Here are 10 places that Put your best face forward with our pick of the prettiest, sexiest, most wearable looks.

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06 Jan by Simone Wu. AddThis. This look is created with green eyeshadow "Asian make up looks" the lid. Read Eye Makeup Tips for 14 Different Types of Asian Eyes, as well as Defining. Read these makeup tips for Asian women that will help you. To make your eyes look larger and fuller, always apply eye liner. Go with the.

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