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How to arch your back sexually

Naked Gallery How to arch your back sexually.

It's a little visual but for me it's about improving the sex for both of us.

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When your back is arched, your hips are tilted and your pubic bone comes up against the bottom of his shaft. That feels great for him and stimulates your G-spot. It also makes your clit more accessible for when I slip out for a minute and admire the wonderful sight. I can play with it while I slap those gorgeous cheeks.

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It also shows me you'll invest some extra effort in making sure the sex is the best it can be and that means a lot to me. During doggy style, it thrusts her ass up and improves the angle making it easier to penetrate her more deeply.

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She may also be pushing her hips back into the guy more. During missionary, it would result in her pushing her breasts up and out.

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But I think on top of both of those, we find it hot when women react to us in an uncontrollable way. We find her sexual reaction to us exciting.

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It's visual as well as improving the angle he's hitting it from. He wants to get it in as deep as possible while having your booty up in the air for easy viewing, not to mention allowing for easier use of his hands. That and when they put their face down and stuck their bum way up. Its like presenting there bum to you to have your way with. It's visual of course and means deeper penetration. Odd how all 6 or more of the guys you asked were too mentally challenged to answer as it was an easy question.

How to arch your back sexually the hell do guys like it when girls arch their back during doggy style and during sex?

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Is it a visual thing or? I have asked at least 6 guys, and they all shrugged and said "I don't know. Thanks for the selection.

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