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I m really good at okcupid examples

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Big community funding update! I'm really good at August 5, 2: How do I make me seem less boring? I'm hoping the hivemind can help me here. I started up an OK Cupid account and month I have had zero success I got bored writing it, I can only imagine how it is to read I think it will be easiest if I just make notes as I go down the profile page. Oh, Male 41 My self-summary - I hate this.

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I really don't know what to say here I've viewed many summaries and have been very impressed; people are often able to give an interesting and often witty in-a-nutshell story. But I just draw blanks. What I'm doing with my life - The truth is I'm trying to figure that out I have zero family and no real friends to speak of, I have not travelled, though I very much want to it is not on the horizon any time soon.

This first OkCupid profile example...

Really, other than work sales, it's dull I just wander around looking for something to do I play no sports, I can't cook, don't know how to dance, not good at any games, etc.

I am a musician, but I have had no success with it and do not play outside my home.

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I can perhaps squeeze the musical aspect for all it's worth, but it seems one-dimensional. I don't want to just make stuff up. The first things people usually notice about me - I haven't a clue. People don't notice me.

I am able to confidently answer these, so I m really good at okcupid examples problem here. On a typical Friday night I am - Ouch. I'm not very picturesque; I don't think I am downright ugly but not handsome.

I don't photograph well, I have stare-eyes and my smile is always closed-lipped stained teeth. They are self portraits, I do what I can with them. I have no "action" or group shots. Now I should state here I'm not a shut in social weirdo; I'm pretty well-spoken I think and can talk your ear off about tunes and films I've just been living under a rock for a long time, and have severely short changed myself. I do need to know though: How disadvantaged am I here?

Dedicated to your stories and...

I see so many profiles where they do this and that, exciting things, been all over the world, with photos of them and their friends and family, on the ski hill, jumping out of planes, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower and so on. I can't depict any of that And back to the main question - How do I make the most of what I do have? How do I punch it up and make it more exciting than it is?

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I don't want to bullshit anyone It's about who you are, like your personality, your outlook. I actually just reworked mine I m really good at okcupid examples make almost no mention of the hobbies I do have, because I found myself just answering questions about the hobby over and over rather than actually getting a chance to express who I actually was. My self-summary is basically "here is how I view the world, and here is how I interact with the world.

Are you an optimist, pessimist? What do you value highly? What kind of thing can you just not stand? What do you like to think about? Those things matter so much fucking more than the last place you went on vacation.

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Also, this is a perfect thing to talk about! You make it sound so negative, but I would love to be able to play an instrument and to be knowledgeable about music, and I m really good at okcupid examples like talking to people who are super into it. Single women in your age group will want to know that information, one way or the other.

You're definitely looking at yourself through a glass half empty lens, which is going to be troublesome not only for filling out your profile but also when it comes time to actually go on dates and put yourself out there and offer up something of yourself to the other person.

I get pessimism, I really do, and it is easy to get down on yourself.

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Basically, the only disclaimer you need to put out there about yourself is something along the lines of, "I am a little introverted" or "I am still getting to know people in the area.

You have no obligation to be a world traveler or a great cook. But dude, what do you like to do?

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If you like I m really good at okcupid examples watch 7 hours of CSI on Netflix, there's even a way to spin that in a conspiratorial way, like, "Haha, and sometimes it's fun to space out on Netflix and seven hours later…" People can relate to that, too.

If you have been kicking around on Earth for 41 years there is definitely something fascinating about you, something you are great at and one or more hilarious stories in your past. I don't know what they are because I don't know you. Is there a chance that you're getting so worked up comparing your profile to other people's that you are drawing a blank when it comes to thinking about who you actually are?

Whoever it is, sort of own that person and just put it out there. If music is your thing, then spin the High Fidelity type thing from the get go. Write that you love to spend hours in the record store or that Otis Redding speaks to your soul or whatever the truth is about you and the things that get you excited.

I don't want to offend you, but this post is incredibly negative - and I find myself thinking you wouldn't exactly be a barrel of laughs to go on a date with. Start framing things in a more positive manner and think outside the box, I think that would be a good place to start. It may seem that everyone else in the whole world is travelling to crazy places and doing amazing things all the time, but that really isn't real life. Also, I m really good at okcupid examples some women just really want stability in their lives and really truly aren't looking for an intrepid traveler.

You could just really, really love sandwiches. So, put that in your profile! I'm sure you have a LOT going for you, just try to realize it and take it from there. I'm a pessimist myself, but I'm going to be frank: First off, one thing that might help is to think about the kind of person you're trying to attract: What would you want to read there that would make you interested in them?

That might give you some perspective on what you want to put out there about yourself. My self-summary This is really the worst section, isn't it?

Save it for last. Don't be that guy who says "I hate writing self-summaries" or whatever. You can stick to facts for all the other sections; whatever creative mojo and capacity for insightful self-appraisal you possess, save it for this. What I'm doing with my life Spend a week, or a couple weekends, whatever your schedule allows, wandering around looking for things to do make sure you actually do things.

Write about those things. You just supplied your own perfect answer for this. It doesn't matter that you're not a professional musician. The first things people usually notice about me Ask some friends or family or coworkers or internet strangers to give you I m really good at okcupid examples leads on this.

On a typical Friday night I am You will be forgiven for writing about non-typical Friday nights here. You can totally write about the last atypically awesome Friday night you had, or I m really good at okcupid examples you aspire for your Friday nights in a better version of your life to be like.

Accumulate a whole bunch of pictures. Pick 3 or 4 good ones. And show some teeth.

I'll start with mine: "Making...

Not showing teeth in photos is a really conspicuous omission for a lot of people, it's better to let on that you could use some whitening rather than look like you're trying to I m really good at okcupid examples a mouthful of broken fangs or whatever. It sounds cliche, but you are very likely suffering from depression. Mine was a pic of me in Spain.

I went there once. It was 4 years old by the time I was on OKC. Find something you have a vague interest in. Continue doing this everyday. It will suck at first, but unless you want to be I m really good at okcupid examples lonely old man sitting in his house watching his stories, this is a much better option. People are obsessed with youth, but once I got into my 30s I realized what a shit show my 20s were.

I've had more fun in the last 3 years than in the previous You need to not view your life as a series of negatives or in comparison with other people. I realize that OKCupid feels like a competition, but even if it is, you and the guy who goes basejumping in Paris are not competing for the same girls, because you're looking to meet someone who will be compatible with you and your lifestyle, not someone to go basejumping with.

Think positively about the kind of woman who is going to enjoy the things you do -- someone who likes to make music and hear music and talk about music, even if it isn't a profession; someone who wants to get out an explore the city around them but is also open to comfortable evenings spent at home.

Also, keep in mind that you don't have to fill in every section. If you don't put something there, the other person doesn't see the section at all when viewing your profile, so you don't need to worry that they're reading it and seeing a bunch of 'did not fill out this section'. I'm Really Good At. Making people laugh/Cooking/Making the best of a situation.

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The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me. The "I'm really good at" section need not literally be a list of thigs you're .

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