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Women peeing outside stories

18+ Galleries Women peeing outside stories.

Along with that piece, I had asked friends to contribute what since then have come to be known as pee stories.

Here are the first five Will keep updating this post as more come in:.

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In Mumbai however you can never find a tree and my life threatening pee urge happened to me at 6. I was with a guy friend of mine and waiting for another friend to join.

People who are outdoors a...

We were supposed to go somewhere for a trek. While waiting for him I suddenly had the urge to pee and I knew that I would not last the Women peeing outside stories journey, nor could I go back home. The ladies loo was locked and would open only after 2 or 3 hours. I was Women peeing outside stories a pressure situation of a different kind. I mustered the courage and went in with my friend, where most men from around the area had come with their lungs folded and water cans in hand.

My friend stood guard at the door. The loo had no latch and it was explicitly filthy. I finished my business but the images still haunt me to this day.

When I was 10, I...

And made the mistake Women peeing outside stories stepping inside the darkened enclosure. My foot squelched and sank into something soft. It took a couple of seconds to register what the mess was — it was about two inches of shit.

Human shit all over the floor. I Women peeing outside stories the foot and stepped back outside. Suddenly, it seemed as if the world had turned dark. As if the station was empty. There was just me, and my outrage. And the overwhelming humiliation. Read the full piece. Also visible were the men huddled in the appropriately-dubbed cockpit, doing other things I Women peeing outside stories to but could not, for the same reasons I was holding it in: The toilets are not labelled, and only after asking a few permanent hawkers will you find there unscrupulous presence.

Although many cubicles are there in a row they almost seem as unkept as a feebly budgeted Dharamshala toilet somewhere in remote India. Any guesses how much does Dilli Haat earn in revenue everday? Could it be enough to maintain a decent toilet? They are uninviting,watery, and unclean.

They have no hanging devices for the shopaholics, so if you are alone dont shop or dont go to the toilet. Quite a choice NDMC wants us to make. Read more Loo Reviews like this. Anonymous, Journalist As a journalist covering a political rally, I remember the immense shame I felt when I had to walk into a supermarket and ask a salesman if I could use the toilet there. But for me the supermarket was a better bet than any of the houses around, simply in terms of safety. If I did get into trouble, and sadly one is always expecting to, there were many people around.

It was crowded, I could shout for help.

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It is not just a question of hygiene that hits you when you need to use a public toilet. There is, firstly, the question of safety. What if you are kidnapped?

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Secondly, one has to deal with shame. We are taught not to talk about certain things and peeing is definitely one of them. I have seen offices of huge media houses in which women on one floor of the office need to walk to another floor or another wing to use the toilet.