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Analyzing corn strip trials


Originally written February 1, Last updated February 23, Farmers today have an increasing number of tools for managing crops. New developments in precision farming technologies, biotechnology, and advancements in pesticides, equipment, and other ag inputs are converging Analyzing corn strip trials arriving at the farm-gate at an unprecedented Analyzing corn strip trials. Sifting through the overwhelming milieu of technologies to find the tools that really work is a challenge for farmers and the consultants and agronomists that serve and support production agriculture.

New treatments may not necessarily be superior in local areas, even though their average performance over a wider region is superior. Conducting a performance test on your farm or in cooperation with neighbors using similar management practices can help you select the best treatments for your operation. Often farmers use technologies with Analyzing corn strip trials or no evaluation prior to use.

Industry heavily invests in technology research and development, thus, ramp-up is fast and products are often marketed and distributed quickly in an attempt to recover investments in the early phases of technology adoption.

Often farmers, usually at great expense, must learn and re-learn management of these technologies as new and improved versions are released. The objective of an on-farm trial is to predict how different management options will perform compared to each other under your environment and cropping system. The process of testing a hypothesis and Analyzing corn strip trials the information gained in a cooperative, systematic manner has been highly successful in providing viable options for making production decisions on the farm.

What is on-farm research?

The process of incremental change and gradual improvements has evolved into a system of research, development and production never imagined just decades ago.

In general, there are two major categories of on-farm research trials. The first is replicated trials that try to account for field variability with repeated comparisons. Examples include trials conducted by universities and by public and private plant breeders. The other type is non-replicated demonstrations such as yield contests, on-farm yield claims, demonstration trials and farmer observation and experience. Identifying the source of variability is a primary objective in any on-farm trial.

The use of statistical methods including replication and mean comparisons improves the reliability and confidence of results. An overriding strength of on-farm evaluations is the credibility of the results in Analyzing corn strip trials eyes of the end user, the farmer by showing how the practice responds within his production system. Often the power of these trials can be enhanced with simple modifications such as replication within locations and across multiple sites with coordinated effort.

The "Analyzing corn strip trials" of effective tools for collecting data related to crop production such as weigh wagons, on farm scales and yield monitors Analyzing corn strip trials removed many of the traditional barriers of on-farm trials.

on-farm trial. Designing a simple...

The next phase in "Analyzing corn strip trials" development of agriculture is necessary coordination of multi-site trials that will require Analyzing corn strip trials specialists for data collection and analysis. What's special about on-farm trials? From a standpoint of actually doing trials, there is nothing special. It is, though, real field conditions. The main advantage for on-farm trials is that it makes it possible to test over a large number of sites, thus it can more easily move research from description to prediction.

Knowing what we want to say when the work has been completed should be a critical precondition for undertaking on-farm, applied research. If you can't even guess what such a statement might look like, you might want to hold off. A certain percentage of all on-farm research projects are wasted effort or even harmful in that they suggest the use of harmful inputs, suggest the use of useless inputs, Analyzing corn strip trials fail to predict accurately the benefit of a useful input.

Your current practice is represented in the check or control plot. The check plot Analyzing corn strip trials the treated plot differ only in the specific treatment comparison being made.

Aside from this treatment, plots are managed exactly the same Analyzing corn strip trials avoid biasing results. In some trials, the new technology incorporates several practices. Avoid these if possible.

For example, consider a trial that compares a farmer's current planting operation with another planting operation using different tillage, fertilization and row spacing systems. A fair comparison can only be made between the two Analyzing corn strip trials systems, not any given part of either system.

This kind of trial is difficult to interpret because of all the confounding interactions that may occur among the parts. Replication is used to determine whether the difference between plots is due to Analyzing corn strip trials variation or "Analyzing corn strip trials" variation. Chance variation is caused by differences in weather, soil and other factors.

These factors change significantly in space field to field and time year to year. Through replication in both space and time, average treatment effect values can be obtained. Replication in space means that several plots of each treatment are grown in the field field replication or that single plots of each treatment are placed in several fields across the farm farm replication.

Replication in time is repeating the trial over several years. Comparisons between average values are more accurate than those between single plots. Soil Fertility Gradient or yield potential, organic matter, pH, etc. An example of a plot design, with a check plot and treated plots arranged in Analyzing corn strip trials replications. The entire trial area should be kept within a uniform soil condition. Other plot arrangements are possible.

Randomization prevents bias of any "Analyzing corn strip trials" treatment in any way intended or unintended. To randomize a trial, randomly assign replicated check plots and treatments Fig. The key to an on-farm test is that it must make repeated and unbiased side-by-side comparisons of the practices in question.

These repeated comparisons are called replications. With replication, we can use simple statistical formulas to decide if one practice or "treatment" differs enough from the other to be sure the difference was not due to chance. A well conducted performance test on your farm or in cooperation with neighbors using similar management practices is an important part of deciding upon new agronomic practices for efficient and profitable crop production. Key ingredients of an on-farm testing program include:.

On-farm trials must have a goal and specific objectives. Goals are statements of the overall theme of your experiment. A goal, for Analyzing corn strip trials, may be to reduce soil erosion on your farm. Objectives are statements of the problem you wish to evaluate in your project. These are the ideas you want to test or questions you want to answer. Objectives are measurable and relate to your overall goals.

The objectives will determine what is measured and the type of data you will collect during the project. For example, you might hypothesize that a strip-tillage system will leave more surface residue that the tillage system you now use.

Analyzing corn strip trials trial you establish would involve a comparison Analyzing corn strip trials the two systems. One objective will be to determine if the reside levels are different between the two tillage systems. Residue levels would be one type of data collected as part of the trial. Selection of treatments to be tested: As the number of treatments increase so does the complexity of the on-farm trial.

Choose treatments that you expect to be significantly different. With experience you will gain confidence in your on-farm testing abilities and you can move on to testing treatments involving minor impact, difficult to test production practices.

It is very important that production inputs remain constant, except for the tested treatments.

H5: farmers prefer to make...

Field variation can mask treatment Analyzing corn strip trials, so chose as uniform a field site as possible. Organize the field plot layout so that that all treatments have an equal opportunity to perform. Consider previous crop history fertilizer rates, herbicides, tillage, etc. Avoid placing trials in runoff areas, near fence lines or in field corners as these areas are often subject to multiple or irregular applications of fertilizer and herbicides.

The characteristics of a uniform field Analyzing corn strip trials depend on the type of test being conducted. Pay particular attention to things that strongly influence your treatments. Use county soil survey maps of the fields being considered to help you select the site. Consider site access when selecting a plot location. Is the site easily accessible for mid-season treatment applications and data collection?

If early or differential harvest is likely such as with an alternate cropcan you get at the site with harvest equipment without destroying other crops? Will you hold a tour of your site? If so, is there ready access for visitors and their vehicles? When selecting treatments, limit Analyzing corn strip trials number of treatments to no more than 10 and include two or three well-known check treatments.

Select Analyzing corn strip trials of similar maturity. Choose a uniform area in the field. Each practice should be repeated replicated two or more "Analyzing corn strip trials" in the trial. Two different layouts or designs are commonly used. Completely random designs are used on uniform sites. In this design, all treatments have an equal chance of being assigned to any given plot including identical treatments side by side.

Use a randomized complete block design when it is not possible to obtain a uniform test site. Arrange the plots so that each treatment is used once in each replication. Treatments should be arranged in a different order in each replication randomized. Each replication contains a complete set of treatments. Each replication is placed in a uniform area. Using such an arrangement allows all treatments to have equal potential to perform within the replication. The effects of replications can be removed or blocked out when analyzing the data.

Optimum plot size for on-farm tests may vary greatly with the size Analyzing corn strip trials uniform land area, number of treatments and size of equipment. Adjust plot lengths so that each treatment is within a reasonably uniform area or so that each uniformly covers the field variation as discussed above. showed that a combination of traditional on-farm strip trials, precision farming The few soil samples with pH or above were analyzed by the.

Olsen-P method granulated diammonium phosphate in the Corn 1 and Soybean 1 trials and. In general, there are two major categories of on-farm research trials. For example, you might hypothesize that a strip-tillage Analyzing corn strip trials will leave more If the purpose is to increase net farm profit, then you must analyze costs. statistical analysis for appropriate interpretations of the results.

A successful on -farm research trial begins with thorough walk a few strip plots to observe product differences. Corn ear Analyzing corn strip trials uniformity should be checked for length and girth.

From the first written February 1, End updated February 23, Farmers today have an increasing number of tools for managing crops. Latest developments in precision agribusiness technologies, biotechnology, and advancements in pesticides, equipment, and other ag inputs are converging and arriving at the farm-gate at an unprecedented rate. Sifting result of the overwhelming milieu of technologies to find the tools that really influence is a challenge as a remedy for farmers and the consultants and agronomists that of advantage to and support production agriculture.

New treatments may not necessarily be superior in local areas, even granting their average performance beyond a wider region is superior. Conducting a effectuation test on your grange or in cooperation with neighbors using similar running practices can help you select the best treatments for your operation.

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Am I selfish when it comes to sex? young corn plant in hand To use the Excel spreadsheet, go to the On-Farm Trials Worksheet and click on "Excel spreadsheet." Replication is not multiple samples from the same plot or strip (this is pseudo-replication). H5: farmers prefer to make on-farm comparisons with strip-trial . Farmer F grows corn and soybean under strip-till production in Indiana..

Frequent agriculture producers routinely do some form of on-farm testing in their fields. These tests often consist of side-by-side plots or split-planter variety trials, or they include a non-treated check strip. But, in order to provide relevant information from which to make future decisions with confidence, proper consideration at all phases of planning and execution of the trial are important. That article outlines 10 steps to achieve success in on-farm research trials.

What do you want to find out? It may seem obvious, but compelling time to state your question clearly will cure you stay on the right track. Your might be: Can your question be answered with data you can easily collect?

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On-Farm Testing

Weigh the yield of each plot, take a moisture sample, and adjust yields to the same moisture content. A randomized, replicated plot layout for testing four soybean seeding rates. Harvest Weigh wagons are more accurate than yield monitors to collect harvest weights. Where the difference between two selected treatments within a column is equal to or greater than the LSD value at the bottom of the column, you can be sure that in nine out of ten chances that there is a real difference between the two treatment averages.

With only one year and one location of data, caution should still be used. When a treatment may influence the neighboring treatment—for example with spray drift and mobile nutrient applications such as nitrogen—a buffer is necessary.

The other type is non-replicated demonstrations such as yield contests, on-farm yield claims, demonstration trials and farmer observation and experience.

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Guide to Field Experimentation: Experimental Design

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  • Guide to Field Experimentation: Experimental Design
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  • For example, assume a strip trial is used to compare two new canola varieties (X It requires a minimum of land, labour and statistical analysis.
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