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Looking for a real man

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Enrique Pascal was born in Panama, and he departed his native land at the age of five. His mother chose the borough of Brooklyn to be the place where she raised him and his sister. He adapted quickly to the fast-paced life and developed a hunger for Looking for a real man at an early age.

I recall growing up in New York wanting more than what the environment displayed to me. He used it as motivation.

As women we have a...

He arranged parties and concerts for many in the world of Hip-Hop. Enrique was not just limited to the Hip-Hop industry.

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After an encounter with God, he chose to leave that career and began a spiritual journey which has impacted the lives of many people. It is amazing how God utilized the Looking for a real man that I have encountered in my marriage for the benefit of others. I had no example of a real man, I had no idea of what fatherhood should be, and I was failing terribly in my marriage. However, the Lord took all of my negatives and made them all a positive. He used my emptiness and filled me with His wisdom and compassion for relationships.

For more information log onto www. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The dynamics of relationships especially a marriage can be very challenging. In relationships, we have two people with different up brings, different points of views and even differences in their faith. How can this be?

How can two people from two different sides of the coin become one flesh? Is God Looking for a real man or are we missing and or not applying Godly principles?

To understand marriage, we must go to the Creator of the wedding; if not, we will not function accordingly and not appreciate matrimony. Anything not understood is handled outside of its designed intent.

When something is not respected, it searches elsewhere for appreciation.

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This quest normally is the beginning of the end of marriage since a person is looking for what they feel is missing in their relationship. It is called an affair. I have learned that feelings should not be the thing that dictates a relationship or marriage because our feelings can change in a matter of a second. I am going to elaborate later on about this belief.

The divorce rate is evidence that our emotions are playing a significant part in our decision-making. Emotions tamper with our ability to accurately judge a matter.

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We are not able to see the value in our marriage or our mate when our thinking is dim. In this book, I am going to remove the darkness and introduce light.

For this reason, the Creator of the wedding teaches us in Scripture how to overcome the lack of insight. Ignorance means, the misuse of a thing. Anything you do not value, you are going to mistreat. Education is the answer to all of the issues in a union.

Is it possible to fix a relationship

Here is where we miss it. Let us say your iPhone was not working, would you send your iPhone to Samsung? Of course, you would not. Countless marriages had ended in divorce, because when a defect occurred more times than not their marriage never made it to the Manufacturer. Folks are too busy fixing their marriage themselves. The problem with that is, we cannot fix what we did not create.

Therefore, many of us are using the wrong tool. We are bringing a hammer to a screwdriver problem. Whenever the product separates from the manufacturer, a problem is sure to occur. My personal experience has taught me that once the product reconnects and stays connected to the Manufacturer, all defects are repairable.

I am thankful to God and His Principles because my marriage would not be if it were not for His information. I have shared these truths with countless people, and they have experienced success in their relationship. Now, I am blessed to share this Wisdom with you. What you are about to experience is Looking for a real man to enlighten you and deposit valuable learnings that are going to positively enhance your relationship or marriage.

Looking for a real man Read more Read less. About the Author Enrique Pascal was born in Panama, and he departed his native land at the age of five.

Enrique Pascal Communications February 8, Language: Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention real man look like man look must read read this book looks like men and women enrique pascal man looks reading this book relationship should read relationship should read this book god marriage page understanding woman single word married. Showing of 22 reviews.

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Enrique Pascal isn't preaching, he's teaching and helping women think about the qualities they want in their husbands-- and what a man should consider when being a husband to their wives. I found myself not only reading this book for enjoyment, but enlightenment in my own relationship; preserving information for the trying times I may experience with my partner.

A real man respects you....

This book is for men who seek answers or inspiration on how to become a man of God in a loving and caring relationship. And even though this book is for men, women can find insight on what is required to be with a real man of God. Like I said, Mr.

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Pascal's words are not delivered from a podium as he tells men and women how to respond to each other. Pascal's words come from his heart, from his experiences, and through his continued growth as a man and has a husband.

Pascal should be proud of the work he's put into himself and his teachings. He lives and stands by God's word and he's passed on what God has put in his spirit onto his readers.

After reading this book, I felt more empowered and informed on relational issues. At the time, I was having major issues in my own relationship. Not only did I read this book, but my husband read this book as well. So many times, we go through life receiving education on how to do and be everything but what we do on a daily basis!

Not only did my husband and I read the book, we also went through marital counseling with Enrique. Through the counseling I saw that Enrique lived out all of the things in his book and he was able to help me and my husband do the same. He was very hands on, accesible, Looking for a real man he did never gave up on us even when we felt Looking for a real man giving up on each other.

Before my encounter with him, I was hopeless and lacked guidance and direction. Now my marriage is better than ever and I can honestly say God used Enrique to single handedly save us!

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I have joy, peace, and most of all a Looking for a real man hope in the power of what God can do! I have known the author of this book for several years.

Because of his excitement and dedication to completing this book and sharing it with the world, I couldn't wait for it to hit Amazon so I could buy it!!! I purchased this book for myself and a close girlfriend. I have not put it down since I received it and had it signed I waited to read it until I had it signed personally lol. There are a lot of books out there telling you how to get a man, how to keep a man, what is a man and so forth and those books I have read have missed one key component I don't just recommend this book to my girlfriends but I have a few copies on the way to some men that can benefit from its teachings.

The in depth study and discussion of Joseph are unparellel and there are many lessons to learn about his character.

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