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My wife has sexy feet


My husband recently admitted to having a fetish for my feet and toes. I always suspected something bc he frequently volunteered to give me foot massages and seemed to enjoy touching my feet during foreplay and sex.

When I finally asked him, he admitted it was his "one kinky thing," and I was happy he told me. He's been sheepish and a tad embarrassed by me knowing, and My wife has sexy feet can't quite figure out what it means. Is this somewhat normal?

Does it alter the nature of our sex life?

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After doing a random search on the subject, I saw some crazy stuff and don't know how or what I should do about this.

I want to make him happy and let him enjoy things he likes most apparently my feet! Any advice for how I can navigate this new chapter?

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Fetishes are common and quite varied, and as long as it's 2 consenting adults My wife has sexy feet themselves, what harm is there in exploring? I suggest firstly talking with your husband and learning more, what turns him on about it, when did he first discover this about himself, why did he keep it a secret for so long etc -- use it as an opportunity to get to know him more fully.

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And who knows, as you incorporate it into your sexual togetherness to some degree, you may even find "My wife has sexy feet" a turn on for you as well -- but at the very least, your giving hubby a nice jolt of pleasure when you do go there.

I love my wife's feet and I dont think ots weird, nor does she.

Whenever my teacher wore heels,...

I love to rub them and kiss them and hold her soft arches during missionary sex. Clean pedicured toes are as sexy as anything. My wife positions herself so she can stroke my My wife has sexy feet with her feet when I give her oral. That is always very erotic and enjoyable.

My wife and I have been married for 17 years and her sexy red polished toes were one of the first things I noticed. She gave me many unsolicited foot jobs and obviously knew of my attraction to her feet years before we ever discussed it.

She has lots of "bedtime"shoes and the sex is always great. We dont see it as weird, its another thing to dwell during the My wife has sexy feet experience. Its another sexy part of my wife. Try substituting the words tits or bum for feet. Not so strange now, is it? I know quite a few foot fetishists and those who cater for them. I suspect the link is formed very early as I guess feet are often in a very young child's view so can easily be linked with any initial sexual feelings.

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Personally I like my feet, they get me to all sorts of places. If you suspect that your partner My wife has sexy feet a foot fetish, then I have a few tips to get you started. But there's more that you can do if he's really into your sexy soles. sole meet was the softest, sexiest part of a woman.

i pointed it out by showing them on My wife has gotten many compliments on her from guys, but.

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