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3 year girlfriend anniversary gift


My girlfriend and I have been dating since November and to this date I have yet to get her a nice anniversary gift. I'm such a terrible gift giver that I've forgotten what I've given her these last two years, but this time she has made it clear that she wants something "romantic" that she can "show all her friends," e.

I already bought her something http: Assuming your idea is not terrible. Actually, I'm expecting most of them to be terrible, but that's perfectly fine. One man's garbage is another man's treasure, hopefully. I took someone else's advice and did some origami. She dug the hell out of it because I spent the time to do it. I also got her something along with that in case it didn't work but I don't remember.

I don't know what to tell you for a gift but always give some thought to how you present it. My 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift always loves her romantic and quirky gifts.

My gf hates pink, like black, she's going to school for criminology. One year I had a coworker of hers sneak a pink hello kitty bag onto her office. Inside the bag was a Dexter action figure. My gf kept the bag. Once I found a handcrafted jewelry box that looks medieval, I put her gifts in it then locked chains around the box. I made her figure out the combinations set your own combination locks She keeps the damn chain it's been almost 5 years.

So always keep 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift list of things they love and talk about but try to put effort into the presentation of the gift.

That'd be great except my girlfriend works at a Japanese stationery store so there's no real novelty there.

Find inspiring ideas for things...

I could spend a lot less and get away with it, but I just want to get her something that will make her happy. Kidding, but jewels and fancy things shouldn't be of much concern if you two have been dating that long. The best gift is a creative gift. Make a Pokemon card of her, or something like that.

Jewelry, especially rings are hard to pick out. And that is assuming you know the size. Necklaces are abit easier but unless 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift know she has a "3 year girlfriend anniversary gift" style or stone its a toss up.

Now if she likes watches, that is an easier purchase. In all seriousness, don't buy her jewelry because it costs a boatload and chances are high that you won't get her something that she really likes. What you could do is give her the gift you already have and then take her to the jewelry store to pick out something that she likes. You could also try doing something like cooking a meal for her depending on your skills in the kitchenor going out to a fancy restaurant followed by the ballet or something along those lines.

An experience can be pretty damn romantic, it doesn't have to be a physical gift 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift at least not entirely. Screw the dumb anime crap. Get her a ring. If you don't feel confident with picking out something so expensive for her, just realize that unless you get her something positively ghastly that she'll love it regardless. Anniversaries come once a year, and you didn't immediately strike me as the type who buys rings or fine jewelry for his significant other all that often, so I figured a ring would be the obvious choice.

Fuck I remember spending hundreds of dollars 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift a girlfriend only to realize after it was a waste of money Anyway the key thing I saw that you noted was:. I was in a similar situation before. Just go to the mall one afternoon, walk around a bunch of jewelry stores and find a necklace with a cool stone that really pops out at you and you know she'll like.

It might 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift you 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift couple hours but it will be worth it. Honestly though, whenever people ask gift giving advice all I can say is that you know your gf best, and so anything we pick out can't possibly be as good and personal as whatever you eventually think of. HTML This one is cool. I was thinking a Pandora bracelet as well, I think I saw a ballet shoes charm that you can put on it maybe.

Get some other jewelry, put it in a nice japanese jewelry box. Two tickets to Swan Lake. Bottle of champage at the interval. You can thank me later. Your mistake was getting on 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift for all this 'anniversary' of dating malarky. What were you thinking? I would suggest going with either a necklace or ring, generally they are more romantic gifts than anything else and it's harder for them to age or get worn out.

Etsy is a great 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift to look for anime gifts, and they are generally cheap on their as they are usually done on a per-order basis instead of mass produced.

Also while the gift in general should be nice, it's most important about how the gift is given and the time spent around being given the gift. Regardless of how nice and romantic the gift in and of itself is, the memory of the day will eventually overwhelm how romantic the gift is. I don't give a damn about anniversaries, but unfortunately Lindsey's bought into the whole "special days," she even wants to celebrate Valentine's day.

Holy cow, that stuff is really awesome! I'm going to have to spend some time looking at these Use a good chunk for a fancy dinner, use the rest for a necklace for something. The people working at the jewelry shop will be able to help find something nice in your price 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift. Have someone with a key to your place wrap you in a giant box with a bow, then when your girlfriend finds you tied up inside and crying, tell her you were robbed.

It may not exactly be a gift, but it guarantees the sex. Well 3 years is a long time. So go with a promise ring. For bucks you could get a relativly nice one. I got my girlfriend one for her birthday not to long ago, it was a a split ring with a nice little diamond and it was white gold because like your girlfriend, she is allergic to anything but gold. It cost me close to and she loved it. It is romantic, she can show it off to her friends, she will ALWAYS wear it and think of you for it, and it shows her that you intend to be with her for awhile.

Promise rings can literally be any kind of promise, so you could tell her a certain thing you promise, IE to stay loyal to her or to marry her someday when you give it to her. 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift such a terrible gift giver that I've forgotten what I've given her these last two years, but this time she has made it clear that she wants something "romantic" that she can " show all her friends ," e.

You guys just can't help yourselves from defaulting to sexual comments whenever a woman is mentioned, can you? Take her to a jewelry store, let her pick out something she really likes in that price range and pay for it. Oh and a nice dinner. Dude I know you're looking for advice in here, but let me just say: You two are a super cute couple.

Get down on your hands and knees as if you're going to do something really romantic and cute, but then uppercut her in the Jaw. It's obvious you guys are convention goers, you could register for one you're both interested and surprise her with dinner after.

As far as less-expensive, sweet stuff if she likes anything even remotely bit-arty you could get some post its and make her a sprite poster I made my wife a pretty awesome Ms. Pac-Man out of post-its when we were dating.

We went on to have a Mr. Pac-Man cake at our wedding. Definitely 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift on to nerdy girls, they are the best! Depending on what 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift first date was like you can take her out on a fancier version of whatever you guys did then. My wife and I just did that for our third date-iversary and it was a lot of fun.

Don't stress to much about not quite knowing what to get her yet. The stuff I rigidly planned out for any special occasion with my SO almost always ends up being less fun and meaningful than 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift stuff that just suddenly popped into my head epiphanically or the stuff that just seemed like silly frivolous fun.

Looking back it's the unexpected moments that create the best memories, so just have fun and show her that you care for her.

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That takes all of the suspense out of it. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. So, the internet is probably the worst place to ask, but Here are facts about my girlfriend: Here's a picture for reference, in case it helps SethPhotopoulos Follow Forum Posts: Man, having a girlfriend is expensive.

I don't even know why 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift here right now. MikeGosot Follow Forum Posts: Buy something that is Kill Bill related. Girls love Kill Bill. Get her a better boyfriend. My girlfriend and 3 year girlfriend anniversary gift have been dating since November and to this date I have yet to #3 Posted by MooseyMcMan ( posts) - 7 years, 1 month ago Anniversaries come once a year, and you didn't immediately strike me as the type.

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You and your incredibly gorgeous girl have been together for over three amazing years and now you both can hardly wait for your anniversary day to come. And the only thing worrying you is what to present to your beloved girlfriend. In such a case we have a few suggestions for your anniversary gift.

If your girlfriend enjoys travelling anywhere or has been planning to go to some particular place, give her this wonderful opportunity. Anyway, she is most likely not going to resent you for that as her having been with you for three years tells that the girl is deeply into you, man. Buying tickets for travelling abroad and booking a hotel are simple things to do which means that you can cut your expenses at least here. Get your girlfriend a pure-bred Persian or British cat so that you two may enjoy its warm company while staying at her place.

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3 year girlfriend anniversary gift

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