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If you were ever a student in a science class, you’ve more than likely figured out the density of an object, at least to pass a test. Just to refresh your memory, the density of an object can be found by diving its mass by its volume. Even if you graduated from taking science classes long ago, there is obviously a reason you decided to read this guide. For certain individuals, like yourself, in all likelihood, scientific principles like density hold a major fascination.

As you read this guide, you will find out more about how density is utilized, especially in basic, daily situations that will probably affect you from time to time. Bear in mind that you certainly don’t have to be done learning about density when you reach the final paragraph of this article; you can even buy full books that are dedicated to the topic of density uses. Good for you for being a lifelong learner!

Oil and Water Won’t Mix Due to Density
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There are very few people who have never, ever heard someone say, “oil and water don’t mix.” What most people aren’t aware of, though, is that oil floats on top of water due to its density. This is actually helping scientists make great strides in the realm of oil spill clean-up the world over. Because oil sits on top of water, there are beta systems that are able to scrape or soak the oil from the ocean’s surface. This technology is not yet finalized, but it is on its way.
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Icebergs Float Because of Density

As hundreds and hundreds of years have gone by, numerous ships have found themselves sinking to the ocean floor because they hit icebergs. Some of these historical wrecks are more famous than others, to be sure, but icebergs even pose a problem for sailors today. Icebergs from when freshwater freezes; this type of water has a lower density than the saltwater in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to this, icebergs float; however, only the tip tends to be visible, making sailing very dangerous.

The History of Density

The tale says that Archimedes of Syracuse found the formula for density when King Hiero II requested that he determine whether or not his new crown had been crafted with the full amount of gold he had given to his goldsmith. Apparently, the king was under the impression that the goldsmith might have been stealing some of the precious metal. Archimedes ultimately figured out that by putting the crown in a tub of water, he could determine it’s mass and volume, and therefore, it’s density.