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Granite And Marble Can Raise The Value Of Your Home

Modernizing kitchen countertops with precious stones is what is trending the most these days. These stones are long-lasting, heat resistant, luxurious and outstandingly beautiful and are a reasonable addition to your home. But with the vast kinds of natural and engineered rocks for countertops, choosing one that matches your kitchen design can be a tricky affair. You may choose to find out the best stones, but in the end, each of these stones will their right or wrong side. Having said that, it would come handy if you evaluate the ones that best suit your needs.

Granite and marble are essential natural stones for many home builders and homeowners. Granite and marble are both credible and resilient when used in kitchen countertops.

Granite and marble are the best when used in kitchen countertops, because of their durability and heat-resistance qualities. Granite and marble are believed to be the most durable material among all the other natural stones. So, majority of the homeowners would choose the granite and marble because of their durability qualities.

Granite one of the commonest volcanic rock that forms beautiful crystalline texture. Because it is a hard stone; granite would be preferable for kitchen countertops and bathroom floors as well since it is both heat and scratch resistant.

Granite is developed when rocks are exposed to high temperatures and extremely high pressure for years, so no two pieces of this natural stone are similar. This particular feature attracts homeowners who desire a unique space for sure. A variety of Granite countertops with vast designs and colors exist, from neutral to sky blue and dark green as well. Such a natural rocks as the granite typically elevate the value and elegance of home, perhaps even more than engineered stones designs such as the quartz as those who sell tend to claim.

Despite the prestigious reputation the granite countertops have, a few disadvantages are bedeviling it as well. First of all, granite is a quite porous stone, promptly requiring you to chemically sealed the pores to contain stain infiltration. Fortunately, the sealing process is simple, only that you will be doing it routinely as a way of maintaining your countertop. On top of that, granite is an expensive material to buy.

Majority of the modern day homeowners are attracted by the luxurious appearance of marble countertops. This exclusive look marble countertops offer can drastically elevate the value of your home since its highly regarded as a prestigious stone. Furthermore marble countertops are the preferred surface bakers as the cool stone is ideal for pie crusts, cakes, and other baked goods. Marble countertops have vast colors and designs from delicate blue to vibrant black.

However, polished marble is softer as compared to the granite; thus they are susceptible to scratches. In addition to that, marble countertops can get damaged by the acidic spills.

Having said that, granite and marble countertops with vast styles, colors and designs can give homeowners and builders the perfect touch that they have always needed.

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