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Advantages Of Using Menstrual Cups.

Young ladies tend to get confused when they get their first period. The first time you experience is actually very hard. This should not be a cause for worry since it is a normal occurrence. It is a major sign of a healthy body that is maturing well. The market is filled with all kinds of products meant for feminine hygiene. All these products come with a promise of good service. Use of pads and tampons are what most women have been doing when on their period. Many women still have no idea what a menstrual cup is. The fact that many people do not know about the cup should not discourage you from giving it a try. The reasons listed below expand on why you should start using a menstrual cup. The menstrual cups come packed with a number of advantages. What you can easily notice about this product is that it is low cost. This is because you only need one cup and you can use it over a long period of time. As opposed to pads and tampons that need to be disposed off once used, the menstrual cup can be used over and over again. This saves you on the cost of buying a new one every month. The only duty you have when you own this cup is to clean it and to keep it safe. The caps are not disposed off every few hours like other sanitary wear and this makes it environmentally friendly. You do not even have to worry on where you would dispose off the cup. The cups are also safe t be utilized. Tampons, for instance, are largely associated with a syndrome that is often fatal that is known as the toxic shock syndrome. The fatality of this condition is almost 100%.

Another reason why you need to start using the menstrual cup is because they help you track your period. With the cup, you are able to know just how heavy or light your flow is. Other sanitary wear absorb the fluid making it impossible to check it but the menstrual cup only collects it. This enables you to see just how much fluid you are passing out. The cups are especially fit for women who have heavy flows. They collect more fluid compared to pads and tampons. You need not keep checking and changing the cup after every five minutes. When you are on your period and you use a menstrual cup, the high holding capacity of the cup would ensure that you are well protected.

The only thing you need to do is to empty the contents of the cup every few hours and this is dependent on the flow you have. Pads and tampons tend to leak sometimes. This is very unlikely with menstrual cups. The cups can also be used during the day and at night. They are very comfortable and you can even have them on as you go about your daily activities.

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